Group guiding system

Wireless tour guide system allows addressing several groups of visitors clearly and discreetly in open and busy environments, without interference among groups and without any noise pollution. In each group the guide has a transmitter and each visitor a receiver.

Equipment range



There is no doubt that an audio tour is quite an important investment to any site or project. Therefore the need for customers to make the right decisions on the many parameters that affect the scale and scope of such an investment: What equipment to chose? Whether to use the sites’ staff, volunteers or the RSF Partner staff for the audioguide distribution? How long to have the tour content? Whether or not to use celebrity voices? How many foreign languages to include? Whether or not to have children's tours?, etc.

Together we could find the best solution for you!


Multimedia devices, services and accessories

Multimedia devices are already part of our lives and museums have to be on top of this wave to reach out to the widest possible audiences. We will be glad to help you, by offering wide range of different multimedia devices, creating a special tour app for Android, Apple or Windows smartphones. Need accessories? We can supply you also. Everything you need, made and designed for every day use and comfort.